Just When You  Thought You Knew It All

Initial trust among friends is freely given to a certain degree, until it is lost. The friendship may remain, but the level of trust may never be regained. Lost trust is not something that can be won; it must be rebuilt.

Dr. Darius O. Woodley
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Chapter 1

Friendship is a vital component to every successful marriage. Friendship is defined as a relationship consisting of mutual affection between two or more individuals. Communication, mutual understanding and mutual respect among these individuals, will contribute to a healthier and more stable friendship. There are many forms of friendships, yet there are certain qualifying factors or characteristics that should be present in each, such as: compassion, trust, honesty, empathy, sympathy, selflessness, and generosity (to name a few).

Chapter 2

In relationships between men and women, the more you are able to remain who you really are, without major behavioral modifications, the more natural the relationship will be. Take a moment to think about the best relationships that you have had up until now. Whether platonic or romantic, ask yourself, “What made that relationship so successful?” When I ask this question, the response that I receive most often is, “I am able to be myself around_____” (you can fill in the blank).

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Chapter 3

Instability undermines trust. Trust believes that something or someone is reliable and honest. Trust in an object, like a chair for example, allows you to relinquish your fears and place your confidence in its ability to support your weight and not fall apart under pressure. Instability in any area makes it difficult to rely or depend on something or someone. When dealing with trust in a relationship, one’s motive is the key factor.

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